Reservoir Nominated for Publisher of the Year at Music Business Worldwide Awards

Music Business Worldwide announced the nominations for its third annual A&R Awards, and Reservoir is pleased to be chosen as a finalist in the Publisher of the Year Award category, for the second consecutive year. At last year’s ceremony, Reservoir took home the trophy for Publisher of the Year, while Reservoir songwriter Jamie Hartman was nominated for Songwriter of the Year. The winner will be determined by a prestigious group of global music industry experts and announced at the ceremony on Tuesday, November 6.


Innovative Water Treatment System at Burke Mountain

Wesbild’s new state of the art water retention and chemical treatment system is now installed for use on our construction sites! After months of hard work collaborating with Port Moody-based Aquasolve, this new system replaces our previous water treatment strategy of excavating and constructing a large sediment pond.

How Does It Work?

First, the dirty storm water run-off is collected in a large steel container. Once the water reaches a certain level, a sensor tells a Programmable Logic Controller (an industrial digital computer) to pump the dirty water into a separate treatment tank for pH testing and chemical treatment. Once this is done, the water is sent into a smaller tank which allows for the chemicals to properly bond with the water. This tank also allows for heavy solids to be sifted out of the water. Next, a sensor triggers the system to pump the water through a series of sand filters to further clean the water. For good measure, the water is sent back into the treatment tank for another pH test. If the results satisfy the acceptable discharge levels, it is pumped out of the system into a storm drain.

Real-time Monitoring

One of the best features of this new system is its ability to be monitored in real time. Throughout this entire process, the Programmable Logic Controller allows for the system to be remotely monitored. In the rare event that something goes wrong, Wesbild and our Environmental consultant, and the City of Coquitlam will be alerted right away, and we can promptly act to fix the problem. Using this new system effectively ensures our site will remain in compliance with the bylaw during construction.

A Wesbild Commitment

Wesbild has always been committed to environmentally responsible development, and water treatment plays a huge role in that. The system was designed over months of research and testing, and can be disassembled and reinstalled on future development sites. With this new system, Wesbild is confident our water treatment has thoroughly improved, and we look forward to its continued use at Burke Mountain.

Wesbild Remembers the Food Bank

Each summer, as food supplies get low at SHARE’s Food Bank, SHARE Family & Community Services launches the “Remember the Food Bank” campaign in July to raise food and funds to help restock the Food Bank shelves.  The SHARE Food Bank feeds over 300 Tri-Cities families every week of the year. During the summer months, they typically see a drop off in donations, as school ends and families head off on summer vacation. Unfortunately for so many in our community, hunger doesn’t take a summer vacation. The strain is even greater for families, as kids who participate in various breakfast and lunch programs at their schools during the school year no longer receive those meals.

Because of the generosity of the Tri-Cities community, once again this year SHARE was able to reach the target for the Remember the Food Bank Open House and Food Drive by raising 1000 pounds of food and over $10,000.  Food donations will help fill the depleted food bank shelves and financial donations will enable SHARE to purchase food in bulk for better pricing and purchase items that rarely get donated but are much needed.

Wesbild was honoured to donate $1500 to put SHARE over their financial target.  Hunger doesn’t take a vacation and we are proud to continue our ongoing relationship with SHARE as they support the Tri-Cities community.

Learn more about SHARE Family & Community Services and their important work here.